Wednesday, 19 June 2013

sayyy weee~

So, the story is last weekend my friends and i were having a very awesome weekend ever i told ya! haha Everyone is very excited and to Hanis,  don't be sad, just accept this 'xde rezeki'..  Next time, there'll be an opportunity to us to enjoy and 'menggila' together.. amin! :D

For the 1st destination, we went to Bukit Gambang Water Park.. thanks to me myself and pikah for became 'penarik pelampung kpd kengkawan penakut air sekalian terutama ckin'         -___-"  hahahaha . Then for the dinner, we reached Ana Ikan Bakar Petai and ate like a very hungry person.. memang lapar pun kan?! *sepak diri sendiri.. haha 

As for 2nd day, we started our day by watching Pee Mak at amendaentahnamamalltu.. and RM60 terbangmelayangdengantangisanhati.. perempuan T_T .. Teluk Cempedak is our last destination and also our last activity in Kuantan.. thanks for this place for becoming our photoshoot studio.. gedabak amik gambar semua.. haha

*saje nak feeling mat saleh.. kehkeh uia kann*

sukasuki di kuantan :))

kbye, wassalam..


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