Sunday, 20 November 2016

Maybe I'm too emotional but I know this is real.
It has been almost 6 years since CFS that we know each other.
To live without ILY after this may be hard.
Takde lagi lepak bilik Jan sbb nak wifi. Takde lagi lepak nusaibah safiyyah sbb nak makan sesama.
Takde lagi "Jom Ikea" "Jommmmm"
There will be moments that will never be forgotten.
It is okay to fight sometimes, but it is not okay to stop talking to each other.
Ingat tak dulu kita pernah gaduh kejap? aku siap fikir, lepasni nak makan ngan siapa, nak keluar jalan ngan siapa, nak g kelas ngan siapa, nak borak ngan siapa. hahahahaha. Nampak tak circle of friends tu memang tak berkembang langsung. hahahahhaha. Lepastu nasib baik gaduh kejap je.
I know that we will be graduating soon (InsyaAllah) and we will be apart for a good reason. But promise me, we will always be friend ya?
Thank you for coming to my life. Thank you for always been there through thick and thin and thinner and thinnest (sbb aku tak pernah nya lah nak gemuk) hahahaha. Thank you for the best university life. Thank you :')


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